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AH resident, father, husband and business professional working hard to maintain the character and dignity of our neighborhood


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About Karl

The Families of Alamo Heights Make Our Community Strong

I grew up in a small town in Ohio surrounded by the city of Columbus that was similar in many ways to Alamo Heights.  When my family moved to San Antonio in 2010, we knew Alamo Heights was where we wanted to live because of its strong sense of community.

Since a young age, I’ve had a passion for understanding how cities develop and how to make them better. I have a bachelor’s degree in history from Tulane University, a master’s degree in city planning from MIT and a law degree from Harvard University. In my career, I’ve worked extensively on issues where real estate development and city governments intersect, including land use, economic development and public-private partnerships.  

My wife, Annakathryn, and I are the proud parents of two children in AHISD, one an eighth grader at the Junior School and the other a fifth grader at Cambridge Elementary. Our family belongs to Grace Northridge Church where we are actively involved. I’ve served on the Alamo Heights Architectural Board over the past couple years and also serve on the management committee of the San Antonio Chapter of the Urban Land Institute.  I am a proud graduate of Leadership San Antonio class 44.

I’m running for City Council to make quality of life in our community even better.  

Annakathryn and I have walked our kids to school at Cambridge almost every morning for the past seven years. I’m a big believer that walkable communities are better communities. While Alamo Heights is one of the more walkable areas in San Antonio, there is a lot of room for improvement.  Similarly, I believe we can make our business district much stronger and continue to improve how we utilize our open space resources.  

I know my background in law and city planning can help our city in other areas. Having served on the Architectural Review Board over the past couple years, I understand the challenges we face in maintaining our neighborhood character. I’ve studied and worked on a wide range of land use regulations and can use that background to help our community find the right solutions and the right balance in this area.   

Please join me to make our community even stronger than it is today!



Election Day May 6, 2023

Early Voting is from Monday, April 24, 2023 through Tuesday, May 2, 2023.

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Make Alamo Heights More Walkable

Alamo Heights is less than two square miles and has some beautiful places to walk.  However, there are also long sections along Broadway, New Braunfels and Austin Highway that lack any safe place for people to simply cross the street.  I believe these barriers divide our community but particularly our children, seniors, and people with disabilities.  I plan to use my background in city planning to find ways to address those barriers, and also explore creative approaches to creating safer places to walk and bike in our residential neighborhoods, particularly those that lack sidewalks.

Invigorate Our Business District

Alamo Heights is home to a concentration of great and unique family-owned businesses. However, I believe we’re not realizing the full potential of our business district as an amenity for Alamo Heights residents as well as what should be a destination in our region.  Successful businesses also can help bring more revenue into our community to keep taxes low. I plan to use my background in economic development to develop strategies to make our business district more attractive, connected and successful.

Make the Best Use of Our Open Spaces

We are currently making great use of the small amount of open space in Alamo Heights through amenities such as the baseball fields, nature trails, playgrounds, dog park, and bike park.  I believe we should continue to invest in these areas, explore more partnerships with the City of San Antonio to expand and enhance the open space in our backyard, and continue to host great events that bring our community together.  

Maintain Neighborhood Character

One of the things that makes Alamo Heights such a charming community is our diversity of residential architecture creating a great place to live.  I believe we can maintain this mix through a balance of preservation with ensuring new homes are compatible with the existing architectural fabric.  I plan to use my experience on the Architectural Review Board as well as my background in land use law to help our community strike the right balance on these issues and ensure Alamo Heights remains a great community for the next 100 years.

Deliver on Good Governance

We are all lucky to live in a community that has such great public services (police, fire, public works) but also great fiscal discipline.  I plan to use my experience as an attorney to ensure that there is always someone asking the tough questions to make sure we continue to deliver these vital services and do so in a way that is fiscally responsible.

Why Choose Karl

If you want a better Alamo Heights, Vote for Karl

Strong Vision

Karl has a strong vision filled with issues that matter most to our community.

Passion & Experience

Karl has a bachelor’s degree in history from Tulane University, a master’s degree in city planning from MIT and a law degree from Harvard University. He has worked extensively on issues where real estate development and city governments intersect, including land use, economic development and public-private partnerships.

Effective Leadership

Karl is not afraid to ask the tough questions and knows how to get things done.


Karl's Supporters

Endorsed by your community leaders and neighbors:

Bobby Rosenthal, Alamo Heights Mayor

Lynda Billa Burke, Alamo Heights City Councilwoman

Lawson Jessee, Alamo Heights City Councilman

John Savage, Alamo Heights City Councilman

Wes Sharples, Alamo Heights City Councilman

Former Mayor Louis Cooper

Former Councilman Fred Prassel

Hon. Trish DeBerry

Rick & Carol Archer

Michael & Suzie Bacon

Drs. Tim and Leigh Baumgartner

Pete Broderick

Jimmy Burke

John Bury

Rick Cavender

Patricia Celis

Ashley & Brian Dahlberg 

Jennifer Flexner

John Gaines

Richard Garrison

John Grable

Stephen & Libby Golden

Larry Gottsman

Ami Gordon & Dr. Scott Henslee

David & Catherine Hornberger 

Trey & Dr. Leah Jacobson

Julia Jessee

Pamela Morsi Kiel

Ann M. Leafstedt

Walter & Brooke Leddy

Julia and Greg Mann

Jimmy McDonough

Billy McDonough

Mario & Patricia Melgar

Mike & Andrea Miller

Drs. Thornton & Allison Mu

John Oberman

Richard Peacock

Robert Rochelle

Jill Rosenthal

Sarah Sharples

Adrianna and Brandon Swindle 

Drs. Claudio & Margaret Zaballos

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